Five Things to help the pop diva act well.

  1. Don’t sing in the movie — Her singing and a film has just not added up looking at her feature films so far. Ditch the songs and focus on actually acting.
  2. Do a supporting role — She should get into a relatively known movie and be a supporter..stop stealing the spotlight and learn from veteran actors.
  3. Ditch her parents — I’m not saying leave the family (Love ya Godfather) but she should look into making films away from mom and dad. Leave them out of every aspect and maybe she can get something done.
  4. No comedy — That also includes romantic comedies. She should learn how to act through dramas and award worthy material not some idiotic Nicholas Sparks script.
  5. Get an acting coach — This should go above number 1 but that’s ok. She really needs some help if you watch anything she’s in. She seems to just whine or cry on the screen to get emotion and then give us cheesy dialouge to move things along and if that doesn’t work she sings..trust me Miley DITCH SINGING!

Tell me if you agree or disagree…comment below!



One thought on “Career Tips for Miley Cyrus

  1. 1. Singing in Hannah Montana movies is fine, but not in anything else.2. Her parents…..HA!3. Nicholas Sparks is an awesome author, and most of the movies are good (not as good as the books, but movies rarely are)!4. She really can't act well. She does whine…a lot. But it's partly her voice. It has that natural whining sound to it.

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