A Star Wars sitcom….if that’s not the LAST thing I want to see coming from Skywalker Ranch I don’t know what is. It is supposed to go into the daily lives of many of the main characters of the franchise and it will air on Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim. I already see some profanity and violence coming our way…actually if I see Obi Wan throw out cuss words while chopping off a guy’s head that wouldn’t really bug me. My only thing with this whole ordeal is that I have no clue what George Lucas is thinking…I mean we could deal with the terrible Episodes 1 and 2 but when you start making animated movies and shows it just goes too far. A friend of mine, Mr. Screamo, and I got a great idea dealing with Star Wars. Why not go more in depth into the Knights of the Old Republic games or even the Force Unleashed and makes movies on those, then you get new material such as stories and characters and at the same time you get to enlarge the Star Wars franchise. I don’t know its just a thought. Comment below and hope you enjoyed it!



One thought on “The Death of Star Wars As We Know It

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