If you have gone to the movie theater in the last year, you have most likely come in contact with the large amount of 3D movies that are offered highlighted by films such as Avatar and Up. Those films work with 3D; films like Clash of the Titans do not. Yes I know that Clash of the Titans was not made for 3D but it still can be judged…it’s a horrible movie and is horrible for 3D. When I think of 3D in the movies I like the approach James Cameron and Pixar took in making the 3D bring a life like quality to the film that made the audience feel a part of what they are viewing. The cinema world has been captivated with three dimensional filmmaking and it is a nice touch…when done right. I just ask that in the future when using 3D that movies take the approach of Avatar or Up and not the approach of Clash of the Titans.



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