Really enjoyed this movie. I rank it up as more of an entertainment summer movie than a art film. I like the storyline, it is easy to keep up with as well as interesting and well written. You follow Dave (or Kick-Ass) who feels like the world needs superheroes and goes out and becomes the title character. On his journey he meets Big Daddy and Hit Girl who are by far the most entertaining part of the movie. Nicolas Cage who plays Big Daddy is in another perfect role and plays it so well and with some much humor. Hit Girl is by far the coolest 11 year old I have ever seen. Later on the bad guy mob boss Frank blames Kick-Ass for killing some of his men and sends out his son as a decoy superhero to try to bring him back to kill him. It is a very good film, feels like a summer blockbuster in the middle of April and is really worth your time and money if you want to check out an action packed crazy ride.


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