By far the most anticipated movie of the summer opened with a bang money wise and similar to thousands of other movie fans, I went to see the midnight premiere. Iron Man 2 is a diseased movie though. It suffers from sequelitis. Yes it is a common symptom that isn’t easily beaten. The last two I can think of to beat it were Spiderman 2 and The Dark Knight. This movie is a good movie don’t get me wrong, it is just greatly flawed. The story takes WAY too long to figure itself out. It is introduced in the beginning and for the first 40 minutes feeds us the makings of a legendary superhero movie. The movie then hits a gigantic lull for about 20 minutes that just about destroys the entire movie. Luckily the movie is saved by amazing action scenes to conclude the movie. Robert Downey Jr. was amazing once again as Tony Stark but his giant ego seemed to fill up the entire movie and did not leave enough room for the title character to enter the scene. In conclusion, Iron Man 2 is a entertaining movie and lives up to the title of blockbuster but at the same time don’t anticipate a grade A movie but more of a sub-par B.


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