I want to just shed light on my take on superhero movies. Keyword is movies. I say film when I am talking about a work of art being portrayed on the cinema screen. Movie is something that is entertaining but really is more a 2 hour time killer with explosives and unlimited fighting. When I watch a superhero movie I want it to be more than a movie. That is why I love The Dark Knight. It was more than an action movie or a blockbuster, it was also a thriller and a drama. It instilled key elements that you would find in a Oscar film more than something like Spiderman. The superhero could be so much more than just a source of entertainment it could also be a political or social satire or call for awareness such as Watchmen. All I’m saying is that I want a little more in my superhero movie than buildings being destroyed and no name people dying. I want something that will make me think after as well as want more. That may not be in your attention span when you’re watching a movie but I think that when a movie or film makes you think after that is the best possible reward for seeing it.


One thought on “Superhero Movies

  1. This review made me think while I was reading it, as well as after. :] Haha. You gave the same effect you were talking about. Mrs. Cooper would be sooo proud!! Hmm…very enlightening. I never thought of "films" vs. "movies" that way before. You should start your own movie magazine!! 🙂 There are tons of magazines for everything else; why not more for movies? It would be groundbreaking, and you'd be really good at it. Just saying.

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