Pixar is by far the greatest thing ever. There is the debate over which Pixar film is the best and I think that is the most difficult possible thing to decide because they are all so dang good. I’ll put my top 5 Pixar films at the bottom but those are based on personal interest not the level of how well the film is made because each one of Pixar’s movies ranging from “Toy Story” to “Monsters Inc.” to “Ratatouille” to “Up” are all amazing including the short films. So here it is my top 5 Pixar films.


I haven’t seen this enough to rank it any higher but after just one viewing I was already in love with the moving movie.

4. Toy Story and Toy Story 2

I love these movies but they just aren’t my personal favorites compared to the other four but don’t get me wrong they are amazing.

3. Ratatouille

The music gets me in this movie. It also works so well that you can have rats messing with food and it doesn’t gross me out.

2. Up

This movie has music that gets me just like Ratatouille (thank you Mr. Giacchino) as well as the most absurd but realistic story ever plus Doug is hilarious

1. Finding Nemo

One of my favorite movies ever. I love the animation, the backgrounds of Australia, the entire atmosphere of the film. I have watched it a gazillion times and will continue to do that.


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