As much as people discredit this series…all of it is true. The acting sucks, the script is garbage, and better yet they know it. I can guarantee each and every one of you reading this that Kristen Stewart knows that the script is a piece of horse manure and she really doesn’t care. She will get her millions of dollars and walk away to do real movies not the neon light show that is Twilight. These movies are just glamorous balls of nothing that entertain people. Good for them. They make money and I applaud them. But movies are more than just glamorous balls of nothing and Twilight shares no intention of making them anything more. Now let’s actually get to the review of the latest installment, Eclipse. (Sorry for my rant)

Eclipse is better. It is clearly an improvement from the first two movies. That’s not really a complement. The acting still sucks, the script is still garbage but where this movie gets me is that the action is better. I credit that to the new director, David Slade, who brings new life to really bad and obvious CGI vampire/werewolf fighting. No offense but watching these things run through a forest in that fast motion thing is lame and pointless. Get a better effect. Kristen Stewart really must enjoy the money because gosh she is terrible. I do award her the trophy for Most Moaning In One Movie. I’m pretty sure that’s what they wrote for her on her script. “Just moan whenever someone acknowledges you.” Robert Pattinson also loves that cash. He gives a 1D performance that by the end of the movie made me just pray that a plane would hit him or he would dive into the Gulf and become consumed with oil. Taylor Lautner is pretty much a hired set of abs so nothing more on him. But the biggest and most horrible was Dakota Fanning. OH MY GOSH. They could of hired a newborn baby to give a more compelling performance than the backwash that was spit on the set. All in all this movie is an improvement but far from good. Maybe Breaking Dawn will be good. (Sees chapter long sex scene). Kill me now……


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