It’s tough right now to be an animated movie and follow up the near perfect Toy Story 3. Despicable Me was nowhere close to TS3 but at the same time it wasn’t so terrible. It follows the story of Gru, voiced by Steve Carell, who is a super-villian trying to achieve the next best heist. His rival is Vector who is voiced by Jason Segel and he has just recently pulled off a giant job that makes Gru look washed up. This movie achieves with good animation, fun characters, entertaining supporters (yes the minions are great), and a nice storyline. The biggest fault I felt like was the very large drag that was the opening 30 minutes. But after that the movie really picks up and begins to be truly entertaining. Despicable Me is nowhere near the greatness that Toy Story 3 was but it achieves in being a good summer animated movie and is a nice safe picture for parents to leave their kids at while they go watch Inception.


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