The new comedy featuring Steve Carrel and Paul Rudd that is based off a French film of the same concept works and works again. Easily right now the best comedy of the summer, Dinner for Schmucks is very entertaining and just freaking hilarious. Steve Carrel continues to create the lovable idiot and keeps you rooting for him as he destroys Paul Rudd’s life. Paul Rudd pretty much reprises his role from I Love You, Man but in this movie it shows that this is his classic and perfect role. But the show stealer in my opinion was Zack Galifianakis who plays Carrel’s nemesis. That guy makes you cry laughing every time he is on screen. A nice, sweet story is thrown into the movie that like two other successful comedies recently, I Love You, Man and Hot Tube Time Machine, makes the movie more than a comedy and gives an emotion sense to the entire thing which I love seeing in comedies. Dinner for Schmucks is well worth the money and is easily the best laugher this summer.


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