I’m a giant Will Ferrell fan but I was a little skeptic entering into this movie. First, his last two movies, Step Brothers and Land of the Lost, were absolutely terrible. Secondly, we already had one failed buddy cop movie this year. Well director Adam McKay clearly kicked Kevin Smith in buddy cop spoofs. The Other Guys is the story of Terry (Mark Wahlberg) and Allen (Will Ferrell) as two desk jobs who want to crack a giant case, or Wahlberg does. Ferrell gives easily one of his funniest performances in recent years playing quite an opposite of some of his signature characters such as Ron Burgandy in Anchorman or both his characters in his recent failures. Eva Mendes plays his wife and does a fine job in the comedy role. The first half of the movie makes the entire movie because it is just drop dead hilarious. But in the second half, the movie seems to fall of that and go into a giant plot that really just killed the funny almost. There are a few good parts but not as full as the first half. I recommend this film because it’ll make you laugh and keep you away from a pretty lame movie line-up out now.


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