Sorry this took me so long to get out. I’ve been having internet problems.

This film is very different. Disclaimer: You will not get it if you don’t like/play video games and are part of the techy world that has been created in the last century. Scott Pilgrim is a rollercoaster ride of both comic book and video game moments all plugged in correctly to adapt both gaming and film. It is easily put as the most perfect video game to big screen adaption to date. Michael Cera delivers a role that I firmly believe he was absolutely perfect for. Now this film does come with flaws. First off the acting is not always great. I find that some of the supporters don’t always bring the same fire that the main characters bring. Also, seven evil ex’s almost becomes too much and starts to somewhat drag the movie. But in conclusion the movie is great and makes the oh very high-end top 10 list for the summer. I highly recommend to those who will appreciate it.


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