Ben Affleck continues his rise in directing with his latest film, “The Town.” It is about a group of Boston bank robbers who all grew up in the same street and are all doing robbery jobs all over Beantown. The feds are after them led by head fed Don Draper, or Jon Hamm, who gives probably the best performance of the movie. You know that Hamm is the good guy but because the movie is so directed towards getting deep into the characters of the bad guys or the bank robbers he becomes almost the bad guy in that he is against the robbers. Ben Affleck gives a good performance but the real credit to him goes on behind the screen where he is becoming easily one of the best up and coming directors in Hollywood. Jeremy Renner gives a strong performance as the loose cannon of the robber clan and Affleck’s best friend. Blake Lively plays Renner’s sister and a former love interest of Affleck and supplies another solid performance. Rebecca Hall plays Affleck’s love interest and easily gives the best female performance of the film. This movie is a really good crime movie. It has so many cliques but they are played out so well that you almost forget you are guessing the movie left and right. The ending really came out of right field and I didn’t totally like it but it doesn’t take away from the well made film. Easily a great start to the fall and could be a dark horse Oscar.


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