To start off if you are seeing this movie please go see it in 3-D. I know it’s an annoying extra cost but this movie is one of those exceptions and is worth each penny. Now onward…

Tron Legacy is a “sequel” to the original Tron back in 1982 and if you haven’t seen the original it will take some time to understand the storyline. Kevin Flynn (Jeff Bridges) leaves one night and does not come back back in 1989 leaving his son Sam (Garrett Hudlund) in charge of the electronic empire he owns. Fast forward to the present and Sam is merely a stockholder in the juggernaut that his dad’s company, ENCOM, has become. The most lacking quality of Tron is easily the script. It struggles with some weak dialogue as well as some fast pacing that can hurt the story. But that all is put aside once you enter The Grid and are amerced in the frontier of the world of Tron. The best two performances of the movie are by Jeff Bridges as Klu and Jeff Bridges as Kevin Flynn. He carries the movie acting wise and other than the short blip of Michael Sheen all the other acting is pretty sub par. But nothing can take away from the beautifully stunning 3-D display that this movie brings. When in The Grid you are intoxicated with the landscape and detail that is put into this computer world. I can’t go without mentioning the music though. The Daft Punk soundtrack is amazing and adds a layer to the film that has not yet been seen in a movie yet. A techno-dance music that creates new life in the movie. It is a must hear. In conclusion though, Tron Legacy is a summer blockbuster stuck in December but gives one of the most enjoyable rides of the year and is a great finale to 2010. It may even creep into my top 10 of the year.


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