Movie music can be some of the most intoxicating sounds to the human mind. For me it gets my brain moving and if it’s done well it has me humming the tune for weeks to months after seeing a film. Music brings such a unique and strong presence to the movie that it sometimes makes a movie. I look at the Pirates of the Caribbean series and how Hans Zimmer and Klaus Badelt created a theme that literally captures the entire essence of the film in one song during the first movie. Zimmer perfected it in the second one as well as creating two to three other catchy songs. Music like that doesn’t control the movie or stranglehold it but it makes a memorable sound that keeps the movie in the viewers head that creates a starting point when recounting it. Clint Eastwood has created a nice score to the last few movies of his that fills the movie more with a background that swells the movie towards it’s climax very methodically almost like an ocean wave coming to the shore. Letters to Iwo Jima and Gran Torino stand out as scores that really set the mood of the picture. Most recently, I found that music actually can control a movie as it did in Tron Legacy. The music in that movie really captured the feeling of what the director was trying to portray while at the same time make the viewer feel a part of the experience. Music plays such a vital role in films that I find it needs more recognition than it usually gets. This year my favorite soundtracks come from Inception, The Social Network and Tron Legacy. Each one has it’s own unique meaning to me and really stood out in each movie. I know this sounds cheesy but if you would comment on a film or two that has music that stands out to you. I’d love to hear them.


2 thoughts on “Music and What It Does to a Movie

  1. Two scores I enjoy are from Ben-Hur and Up. Ben-Hur has such a feel to it especially in the arena scene and the beginning. Up's score is very light and gives a sensation of floating with the house.

  2. A big one for me has to be the Lord of the Rings trilogy. Especially Fellowship's, it just fills me with hope. Although, thoughts of the dangers of their journey are always in the back of my mind.

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