A crack head brother and an overly obssessed mother lead Mark Wahlberg to knock people out that he has no business doing. Or at least his character…he actually is kind of intimidating. But here’s The Fighter.

The Fighter is both a fantastic sports movie and a gritty drama. It has it’s own feel to it which is one of the main reasons it is getting so much press and is a leader right now heading into awards season. The movie is great don’t get me wrong but like Black Swan the main thing that drives this movie is amazing acting and a direction taken that has its own feel to it. Mark Wahlberg gives a phenomenal performance as Micky Ward, a boxer who is trying to hit it big out of a little town. It is probably his best performance due to the fact that he is the main focus of this film unlike The Departed. But Wahlberg doesn’t give the most memorable performance, the performance that people will tag this movie with. Christian Bale plays the brother to a tee and gives easily his best acting performance that quite possibly could get him an Oscar. He is loose and wild and his struggle with himself and giving up his dream of coming back to boxing. The mother played by Melissa Leo also should be given credit as she plays the perfect overly obsessed mother who wants to have control over her son’s career which means keeping him within the family and not getting involved with businessmen. Leo should get Oscar looks and personally I liked her performance more than Barbara Hershey in Black Swan. The Fighter is beautifully shot and director David O. Russell should get a nomination for making an amazing film. This is easily one of the top films of the year and it should be on my list and is a must see if you love sports or a well written dramatic piece.


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