Seth Rogen and Jay Chou dress up in a green outfit and fight Christoph Waltz. Ha we know the winner of this one.

The Green Hornet was my first movie of 2011 and started the year with a “yep another January movie.” The movie, which is a reboot of the classic series that brought fame to Bruce Lee, is centered around billionaire (Rogen) who after learning his dad has died tries to do good by becoming a bad guy and destroying from within. While this movie introduces what could be a fun storyline, the writing and bad acting wrecks what could of been a solid movie. Seth Rogen seemed out of character and was playing the polar opposite of his usual acting parts. By the end I really wouldn’t of minded watching him get blown up rather than listening to him yell at people and be obnoxious. The two best performances belonged to Christoph Waltz as the villain Chudnofsky and Jay Chou as Kato. Waltz kept that intimidating presence he had in Inglorious Basterds and transferred it into this role. His villain is tough and without doing much, gives that strong intimidating presence. Jay Chou really had a badly written part but turns it into the most entertaining part of the film due to his fun to watch martial arts moves. The other part I couldn’t stand after awhile was the overusing of the slow-mo and fast-mo throughout the film. It worked with a few fight scenes but became overused in about 70% of the scenes it was in. Overall the Green Hornet is a fun ride to watch and would be more worth your time on DVD and not wasting money on 3D in theatres.


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