This year’s Golden Globes entered with some of the worst nominations I have ever seen and came out with a few upsets and with the clear dominance of one motion picture. First problem I had: Social Network over Inception for Best Score. NO. Hans Zimmer’s score for Inception is pure gold and captures the emotion of both the actors and the scenery from each scene of that movie so perfectly that it cannot go unrecognized. I love the Social Network score as well but it isn’t near the masterpiece that Zimmer gave us with Inception. Actually after that the Golden Globes went as predicted. The Social Network stands right now as the heads over heels juggernaut that should enter the Oscars overpowering the competition. With the sweep of Director, Screenplay, and Best Picture it clearly has the eyes of the critics behind the awards. I love this movie and hope it wins in the Oscars but I did have a problem with no awards going the way of Inception. It was an amazing movie that seemed to go unrecognized entirely and I felt that the HFPA should of given it more than what they did. It stands out as one of the best and most memorable of the year and should be seen that way through awards. That goes back to snubbing nominations in Best Actor and Actress as well as combination of the Screenplay category. That hurt Inception and hopefully if they split the category at the Oscars will secure it a win for Best Original Screenplay. Overall the Golden Globes should mimic the Oscars as this awards season isn’t as sizzling as in past years.


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