Tom Hooper directs a remarkable period piece/character study about the king gaining a voice that leads a nation into World War II as well as leads the Oscar nominees including b..b…best picture.

The King’s Speech is a witty, unnaturally entertaining film that leaves you with an inspirational tale as well as a well made history piece. The movie is made off of the performance of Colin Firth as King George VI who starts as a prince trying to not embarrass himself in speeches as well as feuding with his dad and blooms into the eventual King of England as Hitler and World War II come over the horizon. Firth plays the part beautifully and fits into the part like a glove. He should run away with the Best Actor Oscar due in fact to his critical buildup including a nominee last year as well as the increasing popularity of the movie. In my mind though my favorite performance of the movie comes from Geoffrey Rush who plays Lionel Logue, his speech therapist. Logue is a middle class, uncredited speech teacher but his unruly methods leads the king to make his speeches with ease. The entertainment of the movie comes from Rush and Firth’s sessions where he is trying to strengthen his core and they perform many interesting exercises. Helena Bonham Carter gives a beautiful performance as Firth’s wife and plays it perfectly as not too “in your face” but enough to push him where he needs to go. Tom Hooper directs the movie well and even though I don’t see him as a Best Director winner he rightfully deserved the nomination. In conclusion, The King’s Speech is one of 2010’s best and should be a top contender to take away the most Oscars and is a very enjoyable historical film that everyone should check out.


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