It is good to be back writing about movies. There have been too many bad movies out lately that I just couldn’t bring myself to pay money for them. But luckily there is one gleaming ball of good in this stratosphere of catastrophe and that my friends is Rango.

Rango is about a lizard who after getting separated from his family (for writing purposes) becomes lost in this weird, semi-alternative western frontier that gives us an oddly glamorous look at the old west. I say glamorous in the sense that it is the best representation or one of the best in the last few years of a dying breed of movies. Rango, the main character, is played by Johnny Depp and thanks to an amazing motion capture technology he is pretty much Johnny Depp but green. He fits into Rango perfectly and it makes the movie enjoyable just to watch how well captured Depp is. The supporting cast includes Isla Fisher as Beans, who is Rango’s love interest; Abigail Breslin as Prescilla, a small admirer of Rango; and Ned Beatty as the Mayor and later Rango’s ultimate opponent. The cast all play their parts well and just watching how they were captured by the technology it makes it look as if they are actually humans and not deeply disturbed looking animals. Rango does take a long time to get going though and I find that to be it’s major flaw. But that doesn’t take away from the great script and amazing ride it gives you while watching this quirky film. Now please note that this isn’t really a kid’s movie. It has a lot of humor that goes over a kid’s head as well as just not being very kid friendly visually. Not saying it’s bad to bring one because they might like it but I think you could spend a buck on something more friendly to children. Rango excels though in many things and is easily the best movie so far in 2011.


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