Summer 2011!!! I’m ready for the action packed season and Thor starts it off with a strike of thunder (pun intended).

Thor is set as a giant vault into the highly anticipated Avengers movie next summer but it also brings us a highly entertaining spectacle that was lost in some of the later Marvel movies…(I’m looking at you Iron Man 2). Thor is played  by Chris Hemsworth who you may remember from dying in the beginning of Star Trek (career starters for sure). He gives us easily the best performance of the movie with a magnificent mixture of both arrogance and rage that throughout the movie turns into humbleness and intelligence. Watching Thor’s transformation is very moving in the film even if it happens undoubtedly too quickly. The biggest problem I have with this movie is the fact that it wants to show Thor’s growth as well as his relationship with the people around him but it is just sometimes so forced and rushed that it hinders the audience in believing that something actually took place to change the characters. Natalie Portman gives us an extremely annoying performance and I just wonder if she is enjoying making all this cash post-Oscar. Kat Dennings is flat out obnoxious and unneeded while the Doctor is a quietly interesting person but never really developed. Thor’s little gang is a pretty cliche group consisting of brawn, brains, boobs, and Asian? While Anthony Hopkins plays his father well while he isn’t asleep. Loki, Thor’s brother, is easily the second most interesting person in this movie and I wish they would of given some more time on developing him more but I know they must have to save some things for The Avengers and sequels.

In conclusion, Thor is a very entertaining summer blockbuster that gives you easily some of the most awesome fight scenes (Hammer Time!) and will keep you happy until the next superhero flick.


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