Vin Diesel and Dwayne Johnson solve their problems with fist and baldness. Fast Five!

Now I’m not the biggest Fats and the Furious fan. I enjoyed the first movie, hated the second, found the third to be a lack of effort, and the fourth was a pleasant step forward. But with this fifth installment the crew adds the element of a heist to the car racing equation. I found this to be a great addition to the movie and made it just plain awesome! Vin Diesel returns as Dom and gives us exactly what you expect. Paul Walker is probably my favorite character and plays it quite well since it’s what his third or fourth time with it? The movie has some great action scenes starting with the train scene at the beginning to the heist in the end. Now there are some gaping holes in this movie and I just have to point them out even though I know that it doesn’t matter in this kind of movie. The acting isn’t horrible but it’s nothing special, the story plays way too predictable, and sometimes the writing just screws up the whole story with weak or useless scenes. But you have to go and watch this just to enjoy the hilarious performance by Dwayne Johnson. He is over the top, buffed up, and was given crap to say BUT IT IS SO FUNNY! Watching him and Vin Diesel fight makes the movie great.

I approve of this action fest and recommend seeing it if you’re really bored one day this summer.


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