Yo ho ho and a bucket of cash for Jerry Bruckheimer. Here’s my thoughts on the new Pirates.

Disclaimer: If you were a big fan of the first three you should like this one.

This movie is not perfect in the slightest and at points you just want to roll your eyes and punch Bruckheimer for wasting your time but it still contains the essence of the Pirates series and should be an enjoyable ride. Johnny Depp returns as Jack Sparrow and many critics have been jumping on the fact that they are trying to market Sparrow as the main character and that in the others he was just a supporting role which yes that’s true but at the same time I highly doubt that people went to see Orlando Bloom and Keira Knightly rather than Johnny Depp, let’s just get real. Depp plays Jack Sparrow as he always has so there is no difference in his performance then there would in the previous ones. Penelope Cruz plays a good love interest for Jack, after reviewing the others I don’t like her as much as his chemistry with Knightly but she still does a great job and is one of the better characters. Ian McShane plays a great Blackbeard and I wish we could of got more of him and possibly seen him before this movie because he was just great. Geoffrey Rush returns as Barbossa and is near what he was in previous films but he still can’t capture the Barbossa of the first film. Sam Chaflin plays a priest that I could of lived without. This movie does take awhile to get going and the plot is a little bit scattered but at the same time you can’t tell me you don’t have fun watching Jack Sparrow run around causing mayhem. He’s like that guy in the Allstate commercials! This isn’t the best film but it gives another enjoyable ride around the Caribbean.

In conclusion, it’s fun and if you are a Pirates fan you will love another adventure. But it still isn’t the first great movie of the summer.


One thought on “Review: Pirates of the Caribbean- On Strangers Tides

  1. I agree completely. They made too big of a deal about the priest snd mermaid for how unimportant that was. And they have really snubbed Barbossa.

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