If you want to be spoiler free for this movie don’t watch the first one…..but here it is anyway.

The entire cast returns in The Hangover Part II which brings us to Bangkok to get completely jacked up after one night of infamy. Bradley Cooper gives us the jerky but still hilarious performance as Phil and really can dish out a lot of fresh lines. Ed Helms is funny again as Stu and it is always fun watching him lose his mind over the events. Finally, Zack Galifianakis is back as Allen and is about the same as last time. I love watching him act as the fish out of water, random character but sometimes his lines just felt forced just to be random and that hurt him and lessened his humor from the first movie. The major problem with this film is how similar it is to the first film and granted the first film was great but that didn’t warrant making the exact same film. They didn’t go “Hey Godfather one was great so let’s mimic it for a sequel!” No, they just went out and outdid themselves with a classic. The Hangover Part II does not take that approach and instead plants you in a new venue with the same old tricks. Now it is fun and it gives you a lot of hilarious scenes but I just couldn’t get away from how much it mirrored the first film. I also missed a lot of cameos. The first Hangover had the amazing Mike Tyson cameo that really took the movie up a level and I felt like this movie lacked that hilarious star appearance to make it as good as it’s predecessor.

In conclusion, The Hangover Part II is still a fun ride and will make you laugh, it just isn’t as good as the first one.


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