Magneto and Professor X become the best of friends until anger comes between them in this thrilling superhero flick…..here’s my X-Men First Class review.

I must admit I’m not the biggest X-Men fan. After watching X-Men First Class though I must say that I have an interest in seeing more of these types of X-Men movies. Michael Fassbender played Magento and completely controlled the screen when he was on it. He gave a very James Bond performance and was just astounding the entire time. I think it can stand as one of the summer’s best performances. James McAvoy as Professor Xavier was also strong as he was a strong protagonist to Fassbender’s Magneto. The supporting cast was alright with a few bright spots from Kevin Bacon and the always very attractive January Jones but the rest of the X-Men were kind of bland and I really didn’t care about them as much as I should of. Jennifer Lawrence really annoyed me the entire film and she really didn’t grasp my attention as much as some critics are making her performance out to be. But in the end this movie still is a great one due to a amazing script, strong lead performances, and a well made opening for sequels. It’s nothing close to the masterful Dark Knight but it is still one of the better superhero movies and should stand as one of the best from this summer of heroes.

In conclusion, it is a must see summer movie and should be on your high priority list for the summer. (Or until the next superhero movie)


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