Ryan Reynolds puts on tight spandex and saves the world from a man with a pregnant head….here is GREEN LANTERN’S LIGHT!

Green Lantern was one of the major superhero movies that was supposed to invade the summer full of heroes but it turns out to be just another average hero flick. Ryan Reynolds stars as Hal Jordan who is a cocky fighter pilot who is chosen by a dying alien to become part of the Green Lantern Corp. which is a space peace keeping organization. And even though that may sound just absurd to the common man, to the comic book following this should be a slap in the face. This movie suffers from a well known movie disease known as “bad script-titis” it’s symptoms include having little to no character development, dialogue equivalent to a middle school play, and some stupid characters. First, I know it may be picky to find character development in a summer superhero movie but why is it? We have found it in X-Men First Class already as well as Thor (just Thor, not others) so why should I expect any less? Plus isn’t some of the best parts of a superhero is his growth and the people around them and their growth? Hal Jordan technically grows but it feels forced and just lazy. You know he is going to grow up because the script almost forces him to. Now Ryan Reynolds does a great job but at the rest of the cast besides the Green Lantern people are just poor. Blake Lively, as awesome to look at as she is, was a bad casting choice. She doesn’t look like she would be a high ranking business official and she gives a bland performance combined with a lifeless romantic relationship with Reynolds. Peter Sarsgaard plays Hector Hammond and he is probably one of the most boring villian I have seen in some time. His motive is flawed and he has a relationship in childhood with Reynolds and Lively but you don’t know how close and it almost seems as if they meet each other for the first time when they fight and then once he’s gone it’s like “Ah well!”Now when they go to the planet Oa which is the home of the Green Lanterns I must say it is great. Mark Strong gives a great performance as Sinestro who resists Ryan Reynolds at first since he is the first human Green Lantern but comes to respect him in the end. I also loved Geoffrey Rush who lent his voice to the character Tomar-Re who probably was my favorite of all the Lanterns just because it was Geoffrey Rush.

Overall, Green Lantern is a fun summer movie but really doesn’t size up with most of the superhero juggernauts that will grace the screen the rest of the season. It is a nice matinee pick though.


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