Michael Bay blows up Chicago and Shia LaBeouf screams “OPTIMUS!” Guess who? You’re right it’s Transformers.

Michael Bay’s Transformers series has really been an interesting case. The first movie was a perfect summer blockbuster, it was big and booming and wasn’t all that stupid. His second was big and booming, racist, and completely stupid. His third hits the in between. Dark of the Moon tries to teach us history by making us believe that Transformers landed on the moon and jump started the Space Race against the Soviet Union. Once you move past that complete bull crap we are introduced to our main characters Sam (played by Shia LaBeouf) and Carly (played by Rosie Huntington) and with this enters easily my biggest problem with this movie, the talking. If this movie didn’t talk it would be fantastic, it has amazing, eye-popping action with easily some of the greatest special effects yet but this all this tainted with pointless and meaningless dialogue. And you can get mad at me but I’m fully aware of what I’m watching when it comes to Transformers but at the same time you have to have some dialogue that gets people to watch and luckily these movies have so much action that people will go to see that but it isn’t worth $9 a ticket to go watch some robots destroy Chicago. John Malkovich gives a very John Malkovich performance but he is under-used so he almost is worthless. Patrick Dempsey is just stupid. Frances McDormand was given a script that probably just read “Pitch a fit” and she gave it the best shot that she possibly could of. Probably my favorite part was Ken Jeong as the scientist because it actually gave us some bonafide humor and not that filler crap that makes up most of the movie. But getting mad at the script won’t change this movie and I understand that. This Transformers was easily the second best one and that’s mainly due to the final hour where the destruction of Chicago was outstanding. I would of paid money to just go see that scene and would of been as happy as a clam. Also this movie was WAAAAY too long.

In conclusion, Transformers 3 is exactly what you expect and even though the 3-D is very cool I would recommend just renting this and skipping to the last hour. That’s just me.


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