Cameron Diaz gets high, drunk, and everything in between and then comes in Monday to teach some kids….Bad Teacher….

Bad Teacher draws comparisons to Bad Santa starring Billy Bob Thornton, which I think hurts Bad Teacher because it just does not stack up. Cameron Diaz is the titled bad teacher and she is pretty terrible. Her goal is to marry a hot and rich guy so that she never has to work and this becomes even more urgent after her boyfriend dumps her forcing her to have a giant spiral down in life that we never really see other than through glimpses of her apartment with the great Eric Stonestreet playing her roommate. That’s where this movie struggles it feels almost as if it is moving way too quickly and it doesn’t hit those story elements that it needs to. Cameron Diaz is just a horrible person in this movie and I have no care for her character at all. She’s rude and heartless and even though she will give you some laughs you just leave going, “I could care less about what happened to her.” Jason Segel was my favorite part of the movie because I felt like he was almost making fun of these characters and actually realized that you can’t be so one-dimensional like Diaz and Timberlake. Now aside from character development I understand that this is a comedy and that the laughs are the most important parts. This movie has a handful of laughs that work even if they all stem from the same punchline.

In conclusion, I see this movie as a solid matinee viewing if you’re in the mood to laugh some and not care about people.


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