Jason Bateman, Jason Sudekis, and Charlie Day try to kill off the men and women who make their day a living hell and in the process have us on the floor laughing….Horrible Bosses!

Horrible Bosses has a very odd but intriguing story. It is about three friends played by Bateman, Sudekis, and Day, who after having to deal with their terrible bosses at the jobs come to the wild conclusion that they should just kill their bosses off to make their lives just a wee bit easier. This leads into a whirlwind of crazy events that create a very Hangover like feel but personally I find them a little more amusing. Here’s why: I like the actors a lot more than the Hangover cast, it’s a little more believable, and it wasn’t (or hasn’t) been repeated and is pretty original. As for the three guys, the easily make this a great comedy. Charlie Day steals the movie with his high pitched voice and his non-stop knack of getting into crazy scenarios. Jason Bateman plays the character you expect him to play but that’s ok because he is perfect in it. Jason Sudekis is probably the weakest of the three but that isn’t bad, he is still great in this movie. Out of the three bosses my favorite was Kevin Spacey who played a wildly over the top jerk but Jennifer Aniston also was outstanding as the dentist who is…well “crawling” all over Charlie Day. This movie is not perfect in any way but it succeeds through the outstanding chemistry of it’s three main characters as well as great cameos by people such as Jamie Foxx. It is by far my favorite comedy of the summer as well as one of my favorite summer movies. It kept me laughing consistently throughout and isn’t that the job of a comedy?

In conclusion, Horrible Bosses is down right hilarious and should be given a shot. It’s worth it!


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