Chris Evans leads us through a beautifully looking film that gives the audience action, humor, and more little hints at The Avengers. Captain America!

Captain America was a movie that entering the summer really intrigued me even though I’ve never been the biggest of fans of him. This movie disappointed me in the script. I was hoping for a more in depth character drama superhero movie more like Spiderman 2 but this movie ends up being more like Thor. Not to say that it’s bad but it just let me down in that regard. It does hit great notes in humor and even goes to the tip of the edge of being somewhat deep in its characters. Chris Evans plays Captain America and is very likeable in the role. He kind of gives me a feel of being like a “good ole boy” once he gets all juiced up and becomes Captain America because he is always looking out for others and just has that aura of hero without having to have the muscles throughout the movie. I liked him a lot and I can’t wait to see him with the other cocky egos of The Avengers. The supporting cast is pretty good. The stand out characters in my opinion were  Tommy Lee Jones as Colonel Chester Phillips and Hugo Weaving as Johann Schmidt. Tommy Lee Jones infuses much of the movie’s humor and gives that performance that I’m pretty sure he could do with his eyes closed. Hugo Weaving is the villain of the film and so far out of all of the comic book villains this summer I must say he was one of my favorites just due to the fact that Hugo does such an outstanding acting job with the part I wanted to know more on his character but the script limits that and really does not give him a clear motive or reason for his actions. Hayley Atwell plays Peggy Carter and the love interest of Captain America, too bad she had no interest from me. I found her acting to be very sub par and she really was not as great as the other players (Lee Jones, Weaving, Tucci) and struggled to capture our attention even if she grasped Captain America’s pretty quickly. This movie’s biggest strength is it’s look and it looks fantastic. The World War II-esque feel is amazing and I did fall in love with the way director Joe Johnston decided to shoot this film. It did a better job in it’s older feel than X-Men First Class and it may make any sequels of it lesser in my mind because I doubt they will capture this feel.

In conclusion, Captain America does a great job in giving us some fun action, great humor, and the feel of being back in the 40’s. It wasn’t the best of the summer but still ranks as one of the most enjoyable.


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