(Also these are in no particular order)

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2

The Potter franchise conclusion contains more heart and depth than any of its predecessors and leaves us wishing that there could be more. Director David Yates strikes each ending note very well while the main cast continues to show how much they’ve matured throughout the years.


The spaghetti western from director Gore Verbrinski is visually stimulating and stunning even though it does not use 3-D to get there. Johnny Depp stars as the titled character in this very funny and clever western.

Midnight in Paris

The latest film from Woody Allen is both fun and sweet but also thoughtful and beautiful. Owen Wilson leads the ensemble cast that takes you through the streets of modern Paris as well as the Paris of the 1920s full of the artsy and creative who inspire Wilson’s character in his own endeavors.

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Director Duncan Jones goes mainstream for the first time with this film and does so amazingly. This very interesting and intense film stars Jake Gyllenhaal as a soldier who is sent back in time over and over again in order to find a terrorist who bombed a train. It is very well acted and written and was one of the most most fun movies I’ve seen so far.

Horrible Bosses

I know this isn’t the most conventional best movie that most think of but Horrible Bosses is absolutely hilarious and I left quoting more lines from this than Bridesmaids. It isn’t the most perfect movie or comedy ever but it’s charm comes from the chemistry of its three leads who are out to try and rid themselves of their insane employers. It’s wildly funny and enjoyable and in my opinion was better than both Bridesmaids and The Hangover Part II.

Give me your thoughts if you agree or disagree with my ranking.


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