Daniel Craig and Harrison Ford fight aliens with pistols and save the world after getting their buzz on….COWBOYS AND ALIENS!

Jon Favreau caught instant success with the first Iron Man film, making him one of the hot new directors on the Hollywood circuit. He followed that with Iron Man 2 which made the money but left most critics looking for the charisma of the first one. His next movie is Cowboys and Aliens and where it’s left out the smart and plausible storyline that was in the first Iron Man movie, it makes up for with plot holes and 2-D characters. But man it’s fun! Daniel Craig stars as Jake Lonergan, a man who at the beginning of the movie has no idea what happened to him as well as who he is entirely. After going 007 on a few cowboys, he rides into town where he starts some fights that lead into him catching the attention of a local rancher played by Harrison Ford. Now the plot of this movie is stupid but this is why I thought this movie is successful. It makes no sense but it’s leads are so entertaining that you could care less what is going on around them. First there’s Craig who’s bashing skulls and shooting people from every direction and it’s almost like you go through the whole movie thinking “I don’t know why he’s doing that but I wanna see more!” Then there’s Harrison Ford who is well Harrison Ford which entitles him to grunt, cuss, and bring out some whoop-ass every once and awhile. Finally there’s Olivia Wilde who as bland of a character as she got gives you things to look at and some may say she’s a waste, I say they should of had her in every scene from the beginning of the previews. The fight scenes are fun and keep you happy but there’s just nothing to this movie that makes me want to recommend going to the theatre. It doesn’t reach the level of stupidity that say Transformers gets to but it is still stupid even if it’s a barrel of fun.

In conclusion, Cowboys and Aliens is a fun ride that you may enjoy once but not anymore after unless you’re bored at 3 PM on a Wednesday and it’s on TNT. Then, well you have movie gold.


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