Brad Pitt and Sean Penn discover the meaning of life in the masterful work of Terrence Malik….The Tree of Life!

The Tree of Life is a very unknown movie with a relatively known cast that challenges how you think, feel, and respond to the world around you. I wish I could explain the experience that you have while watching this movie but it’s pretty indescribable. It is full of montages of beautiful settings and celestial objects that make you feel kind of lonely but at the same time mystified. Brad Pitt and Sean Penn are the two major actors involved and while they aren’t on the screen together but a few minutes they each give amazing performances in their own realms. Pitt plays Penn’s father who is being seen in a kind of memory/flashback form from the older version of Sean Penn. The child playing Sean Penn as a kid was easily one of the most gripping performances of the movie mainly because of how he gets you to almost hate him based on how he is acting towards Pitt but at the same time you can understand because even though you can tell Pitt loves the kid he is extremely hard on him and is constantly belittling him in an attempt to make him stronger. Jessica Chastain plays the boy’s mother and even though she really didn’t do anything for me personally I respected her character as almost the other side to how Brad Pitt treated the boys. Terrence Malick makes this his masterpiece in the sense of wonder that you feel while watching the colors and the images go across the screen. The cinematography is outstanding and I can’t express who mystifying the images that were on the screen were. The score by Alexandre Desplat was also sensational as he really captured that unknown and celestial feel that the movie had as well as the homely and country feel of the family living in Texas. There also is an amazing scene with (SPOILER) dinosaurs! By far the best dinosaurs I’ve seen in a while in movies! And even though Sean Penn is only in the movie for a few scenes, the emotion he shows and the expressions that he gives makes for a stellar performance. This movie is a challenge for the mind and is not for everyone but if you want a cinema experience like any other I recommend you go and see this movie which will surely be a Best Picture nomination.

In conclusion, The Tree of Life is by far one of the best movies of the year and will leave you thinking about it long after leaving the theatre.


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