I really enjoy each of these actors in small roles or as a part of something large but they just seem to have either not panned out or have just taken bad gigs.

Topher Grace

Topher Grace hit the scene as Eric in That 70’s Show and was easily one of the favorite characters for his kind of quirky and geeky likableness. After finishing with the series, Grace has been seen in such movies as Spider Man 3, Predators, Valentine’s Day, and most recently Take Me Home Tonight. His character in each was similar to the persona that he developed in That 70’s Show but lacked generally in the writing for his characters. In Spider Man, which was probably my least favorite of all his roles, he played Eddie Brock who ended up becoming Venom and while I didn’t find Grace to be similar to the character of Eddie Brock from the comics or television series, he tried to re-kindle that quirky flair and it failed. I think his brand of humor is entertaining and I think he would thrive in maybe a strong scripted indie piece and to stay away from the mainstream films for awhile.

Colin Hanks

The son of Tom Hanks has been hitting the movie scene hard lately and has been popping up more and more and while he isn’t his dad, he still is an entertaining actor. He was first seen in Orange County with Jack Black and King Kong with well Jack Black again. He recently has been hitting the indie movie circuit as well as stints on television shows such as Mad Men, The Good Guys, and has just signed on to be a recurring character on Dexter. He has the talent to be a strong actor and I could see him being like Jude Law by not commanding the screen always but being a outstanding supporting piece. While he hasn’t really done anything bad, his movie choices have been unseen and more people should see this talented young actor.

Robert Pattinson

Before I start turning some heads let me tell you why Robert Pattinson could be a successful actor, or well critically successful. He has great acting chops and while he doesn’t always show them they are there. He tries to show something in his latest movies whether it’s Twilight or Water For Elephants that convinces me that he at least has the ability to make decent work. I have a fix for him though, rather than sitting in the filth that is Twilight or Remember Me, he should try and grab a smaller role in a movie with high profiled actors/actresses such as George Clooney, Julia Roberts, Tom Hanks, or Helen Mirren and maybe not carry the spotlight but rather kind of learn from them. I’d also like to see him work with some great directors so that he could maybe find some direction and start moving into a meaningful career. I know this is tough to see for Twilight fans but he has to ditch you to become respectable and I really think he can become a respectable actor.

Josh Duhamel

Josh Duhamel gained fame through his stints on All My Children and Las Vegas which translated to terrible movie choices in the Transformers trilogy, Life As We Know It, and When In Rome. I really thought he was likable in Las Vegas and I could see him being a marketable and great actor but man his movie resume is putrid. His best role is probably in Transformers and that’s not saying much. Much like Robert Pattinson, I wish Duhamel would maybe phase into a movie with great actors or directors around him so that he could maybe throw at a decent performance, heck he could use a movie with just some good writing. There aren’t high hopes for him with his next big movie being New Year’s Eve so hopefully something will give and this likeable dude will find his way into some likeable material and stop running into fountains with Kristen Bell or fighting peeing babies with Katherine Heigl.

Adam Sandler

Man how much crap has this guy thrown out in the past few years! I mean he is an extremely funny guy but he has just completely sold out into a raunchy, stupid, crap fest and it just doesn’t seem to end. Starting with movies like I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry and Don’t Mess With The Zohan to Grown Ups and Just Go With It, I just wish we could get some solid work out of this great comic. I really enjoyed Funny People where I felt like Sandler gave the performance of his life and I loved his chemistry with Seth Rogen, that movie is brutally underrated and is just a crazy comedy that is unlike most stuff you see in theatres these days. But with a movie called Jack and Jill on the way with Sandler playing a guy and a girl it looks like the crap will keep coming and that’s sad because now it seems like Happy Gilmore and Waterboy were 50 years ago.


2 thoughts on “5 Actors Who I Would Like To See Do Better Work

  1. Robert Pattinson really does have the ability to do some great work, I agree with you there. I worry that he's always going to carry Twilight with him the rest of his career though. Like you say, smaller roles with some great actors/directors will be good for him, or something other than a romantic lead at least!

  2. Yeah I do feel bad that Twilight will follow him but he seems like he wants to do better work. His next project, Bel Ami, is getting some early buzz as being a solid movie so hopefully he takes advantage of that.

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