Paul Rudd causes trouble for Elizabeth Banks, Zooey Deschanel, and Emily Mortimer as he tries to get his life back in order after some jail time in Our Idiot Brother.

Our Idiot Brother is a simple pleasure movie that doesn’t really go to extensive levels of story lines but still keeps your attention with likeable characters who are hilarious. Paul Rudd is the headliner in this movie and he easily steals the movie from the first ten minutes. His character, Ned, just got out of jail for selling marijuana to a uniformed police officer (yes this is true) and looks for a home after his ex-girlfriend kicks him out of his own. He goes to his mom’s house where he meets up with his three sisters played by Emily Mortimer, Elizabeth Banks, and Zooey Deschanel. Mortimer has a husband (played by Steve Coogan) and a young boy and plays the part of the family-oriented sister. Elizabeth Banks is a career woman who is trying to make it big writing for Vanity Fair while Zooey Deschanel is a lesbian slut as they put it who is living life like a party with her girlfriend Cindy (played by Rashida Jones). The three sister each kind of play a different spectrum and it is nice to watch Ned interact in each different one but at the same time I felt that the writing really hindered getting a real emotion pull from any of them. They each come together in the end and the reason seems logical but at no point did I really feel for any of them or pull for them to succeed mainly because watching Paul Rudd work was just way too much fun. Every time he was on screen he was doing something outrageous and wild that just had me laughing just due to the sheer stupidity of what he was doing. His performance is what is worth going and seeing this small picture and while it is nothing spectacular it still has a heart and will give you a small emotional tug while the climax makes its descent as each sister has a different conflict with Rudd.

In conclusion, Our Idiot Brother is a solid flick to give a check if you would like an hour and half of entertainment and was one of my favorite comedies of the summer.


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