I know this isn’t a plausible solution for most of these actors but I mean come on you can’t say that it wouldn’t be awesome to see them as a superhero!

Matt Damon

Ok I’m pretty sure we’ve all at least seen a clip of the Bourne movies now take that and insert it into a comic book movie…instant gold! Matt Damon is waaaaay too established and acclaimed to go sinking into a superhero movie unless it’s like Christopher Nolan or his new buddy Steven Soderbergh directing it. But that doesn’t mean I can’t throw out the notion of Damon kicking butt and doing some justice to some villains! If I had to peg him as one superhero it would probably be Superman. I just see him pulling off that clean cut American hero look very well even though I don’t see how he could be portrayed as a kind of nerd like Clark Kent. Heck throw in his Adjustment Bureau co-star Emily Blunt and let’s make another Superman movie!
Ideal Hero: Superman

Charlie Day

 Ok ok this would never happen in a million years but can you imagine Charlie Day playing like the Flash or something? That would be hilarious! His weasy voice mixed with him running at light speeds everywhere. Sign me up! This isn’t even like a realistic prediction like most of my lists are, this is just because it’s making me crack up just thinking of this idea. Put him in red Flash tights, give him cocaine like in Horrible Bosses, and let’s make a movie! Yeah it wouldn’t break barriers and challenge your thinking like superhero movies seem to do nowadays if they are made right but we would laugh the entire time, not think that we wasted our money seeing it in 3-D (oh yeah let’s add that in!), and we would have a jumpstart towards the Justice League! Win, win, win!!

Ideal Hero: Flash

Idris Elba

 I know he has already been in a superhero movie (Thor) and is going to be in another one soon (Ghost Rider 2) but those didn’t have Elba in a leading role. Now growing up I always remembered the Green Lantern as being that stone cold black guy that rolled with the Justice League. Now who better would fit that mold than Idris Elba? Think Thor. He was pretty stone cold there. Granted Loki gave him some issues but he stood pretty strong! I say we ditch goofy Ryan Reynolds (no offense big fan!) and give Elba a shot at giving us a better Green Lantern. Not only does Elba have the acting chops but he also has a strong background in action. He would scare me if he had a green ring pointed at me and was speaking in some deep voice.

Ideal Hero: Green Lantern

Emma Stone

 Who honestly doesn’t like Emma Stone? Jim Carrey freakin loves her! She is going to be the love interest of Andrew Garfield in the Spiderman reboot but that isn’t showcasing Emma. I say we get Emma Stone to be Batgirl. Yeah that’s kind of a lame superhero but I mean it’s still Emma Stone! Stick her in a Christopher Nolan Batman movie and that would be one crazy combination! Batgirl was always kind of fun but usually just got in the way of Batman. Emma Stone has that quirky, sarcastic sense of humor that would make Batgirl likeable when she is goofing around and then when she messes Batman up we still love her because she’s beautiful! It’s the perfect combination! You can’t say that you’d get mad at Emma Stone. Liars!

Ideal Hero: Batgirl

Ryan Gosling

 Nicolas Cage sucks at Ghost Rider. I’ll just say it. So let’s get a cool guy who we all like that could play a superhero that may actually have some potential if put in the right circumstances. I vote Ryan Gosling to take over for Ghost Rider and here’s why. Ryan Gosling has honest to God charm. People like him, people envy him, and people just want to be him. I don’t want to be Nic Cage. Gosling could give a great sense of humor to the character and maybe be more like his Crazy, Stupid, Love character and make us actually care about what happens to Ghost Rider with his personal life. Last, Gosling is cool, he has that cool guy pose down and would fit in perfectly just looking cool, on fire, and on a motorcycle. Prove to me why that doesn’t sound awesome!

Ideal Hero: Ghost Rider


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