The Hunger Games is one of the most anticipated movies of the year and is being put in the tough area of filling the void left by mega franchises Harry Potter and Twilight as they come to an end. Now I haven’t read much of the book and from what I’ve seen it is great and widely successful and I’m not judging this off of what is in the book this is from what I’m seeing on the movie and I must say that it won’t that great.

1) Jennifer Lawrence doesn’t do it for me
Now this is just my preference but I really just can’t get on board with Jennifer Lawrence. She was great in Winter’s Bone and that is fine and all but so far in her career the characters that she has played just kind of annoy me. In Winter’s Bone, she does a great acting job I’m not discrediting that but her character was not someone I found to be a character that I relate to or find interesting. In X-Men First Class, she was just annoying to me and drove me crazy as she interrupted the best parts of the movie which were with Michael Fassbender and James McAvoy. She is attractive enough I guess but the personality that she seems to emanate in her characters isn’t someone that makes me want to see this movie.

2) Takes a page out of Twilight and hires an interesting director

This comes from watching the Twilight movies and just going “Man if they could of just gotten a decent director.” Those movies just suffered from having a director that seemed to just not care about what was coming out of the movie. They all just gave off an aura of knowing that they would have money made and just living with that decision. Now Gary Ross hasn’t shown that and his credentials include Seabiscuit and Pleasantville and while those are solid movies that doesn’t necessarily mean that he will translate that to The Hunger Games. I look at Harry Potter and the first two movies interjected an atmosphere of being childish magic fun and I appreciated that from Chris Columbus. Once they started to need a teenage/young adult feel, the series picked up directors that interjected that feel into the movies. The key for Ross is to make sure he captures the exact emotion that attracted people to the books and not glamorize it. Not knocking on him, just hoping he takes the high road and not sell out.

3) The status it is trying to uphold may be too much for it

 This movie has a giant hole to fill or at least it is being built up to fill. This isn’t Harry Potter, this isn’t Twilight, it’s a different movie even if it goes along the same genre of teen novel. Personally I feel like this movie has a lot on its shoulders and it won’t live up to filling the hole that’s left by those powerhouses. From what I’m collecting from people who have read it, it will be lots of intense action and will be a fun ride but at the same time it needs to uphold the story and give us a reason to listen to them as well. Again I look at Twilight who knew it could gain money no matter what and has just thrown out whatever in each one of its installments. I’m hoping for the sake of this franchise that they do a good job in the acting and writing and give the audience an engaging story and even though it won’t be an Academy Award winning film it will be an enjoyable movie experience and make us happy we saw it.

Even though the title came across as me bashing this movie I’m not, I’m just trying to throw my opinion out and try and hope for a successful new franchise. It has promise and I’m anticipating reading the book before going to see it so I may be back with a few more points but for now that’s all I have. If your a fan of the book please chime in and tell me if I’m wrong on something. I want to root for this movie so give me a reason to.


4 thoughts on “Why The Hunger Games Movie Won’t Be Good

  1. Awww…these are all really good reasons the movie may not work, but like you I'm going to hope for the best. I think Twilight movies are bad because the source materially is, quite frankly, bad! The Hunger Games books are definitely much better than Twilight! I was a little underwhelmed when I saw the teaser trailer for Hunger Games, but was pleasantly surprised at the glimpse of Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss – she can pull it off.

  2. The way they are marketing this so far (stills, that ridiculous teaser), it's like they are expecting the audience of this book to be the size of Twilight's or Harry Potter's. Sadly, most of us haven't read the books and have no idea what the story is about.

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