In honor of the release of Moneyball, I’m going to do a list on the top 5 actors/actresses who I could see dominating a sport.

Ben Affleck

To start my list, I begin with Mr. Affleck. I envision him playing quarterback in the NFL, not to mention he has that whole Boston accent down a la The Town and could maybe get some help from pretty boy Tom Brady. I picked Affleck to be a quarterback because he kind of reminds me of Tom Brady and has that quarterback, leading the team presence in him. Now he hasn’t been in any sports-related roles so far in his movie career even though I did dig up an uncredited role as a random baseball fan at Fenway Park during Field Of Dreams. He may not have the arm or the finesse to be a successful quarterback in the NFL but he sure does carry the looks and if he fails maybe he can call his buddy Matt Damon to fill in.

Sport: NFL Quarterback

Hugh Jackman

Alright who honestly is going to play against Hugh Jackman in anything? He looks like he could run you over and if that doesn’t work then he will pull out his Wolverine claws which we all know he actually has! Having said that, I see Jackman as a great hockey player. He has that strong exterior that I could see just leveling people while skating around on ice, not to mention he would claw them! I kid, I kid but not really. Too bad he isn’t in the new hockey movie starring his Wolverine Origins co-star Liev Shreider or he could show off those ellusive moves that will bring Australia home a Stanley Cup!

Sport: NHL Center

Gemma Arterton

Now Gemma Arterton has created that kind of tough girl persona with her roles in Clash of the Titans and Prince of Persia and what better sport to showcase that butt-kicking ability than some good ole friendly soccer! And to further make her kick some tail I think she should be put on defense because I’m sure she could knock over Abby Wambach no problem. She has no sports related roles yet but her career is very small so far and it’s mainly centered around both English movies and action movies. Her English heritage could also add more to the soccer fuel running through her veins because Wayne Rooney is there to help her kick Hope Solo over as well. I’m not being too unpatriotic am I?

Sport: Soccer Defender

Anthony Mackie

Anthony Mackie has started making his way into more mainstream roles after having a leading role in The Hurt Locker which won the Best Picture Oscar in 2009. Now he’s a reasonably tall man as well as pretty athletic, just ask those Jeremy Renner, so I find it fitting to place Mackie in the sport of basketball playing small forward. I picked small forward because not only is Mackie tall and athletic but he showed in The Hurt Locker that he can take you down in a fight and would be able to install some defense in his game as well as some offense. Now so far he hasn’t had any sports-related roles in his career other than narrating a ESPN 30 for 30 movie but I’m sure there will be some coming his way, heck basketball could use something good right now.

Sport: NBA Small Forward

Chris Evans

Now I know he can pack a punch (look at Captain America and Fantastic Four) but can Evans knock a baseball out of the park? I believe so! I would place him at first base and I could see him averaging a nice 30 home run season each year, couldn’t you? Just look at him as Captain America, heck I would put him at 50 home runs after that muscle treatment (even though MLB might investigate steroid use in Stanley Tucci’s machine). Evans has not been in a sports-related movie yet other than being a famous skateboarder in Scott Pilgrim but does skateboarding honestly count as a sport? Nah. Chris Evans has the build to be a strong first baseman who could give your team great power stats as well as defend that corner of the infield with his Captain shield. Gold Glove anyone?

Sport: MLB First Baseman



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