Harold and Kumar return to give us more funny, more craziness, and more pot.

The Harold and Kumar franchise can somewhat be seen as a cult franchise. It has a following of people who love watching them but they aren’t giant mainstream successes such as The Hangover or Meet The Parents which are easily to two of the larger comedy franchises active right now. These movies usually give you three things while watching them: illegal drugs, laughter, and some heart which makes them very different from most comedies out today. Harold and Kumar Christmas is no different as we get a giant helping of each of these in the third installment as well as some 3-D! As overdone as 3-D is, this movie is worth paying the extra cash to see in 3-D. Mainly because it makes fun of 3-D and everything it stands for the entire movie as well as utilizing the skills very well and actually creating a new realm of possibility for 3-D as crazy as that sounds. The movie starts with Harold (John Cho) who is now a Wall Street executive who is trying to impress his wife’s father on Christmas. Fate leads his old buddy Kumar (Kal Penn) to reunite with his old stoner friend when a package for Harold ends up at Kumar’s apartment. This leads to the very vauled christmas tree that Harold’s father in law left for him to watch going up in flames which jump starts the adventure. I don’t want to spoil the specifics but know that each different events lends it’s own wacky turn that will leave you in tears from laughing so hard. Now the best part of their expedition to find a new tree has to be running into Neil Patrick Harris yet again and if you’re a fan of the franchise you know that NPH creates some of the most memorable scenes in comedy or even movie history while on the screen and he doesn’t disappoint in this movie. His part had me on the ground laughing at just how over the top he plays himself and how open he is to taking on any subject. These movies aren’t perfect and to be quite honest most comedies never are but this movie has a abundance of laughs and gives you some reuniting friendship moments that work quite well in such a raunchy, maniacal movie event that will be worth the money put into it.


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