The Muppets gets revived and the world rejoices…yet wastes money at Breaking Dawn? I guess the world is not all good yet.

The Muppets is timeless and this rings true in the revival of the beloved Jim Henson characters by self proclaimed Muppet enthusiast Jason Segel, who both stars and was a co-writer for the film. The film stars Segel as Gary, just a normal average kid from Smalltown USA, and his brother Walter who curiously is not like all the other kids! When you really think about it it had to of been awkward for those parents to describe their living situation to just about every person they came in contact with but that’s overanaylzing what this movie is and what it is is fun. Gary’s girlfriend is who you would expect to be the average guy’s girl and that’s Mary who is gleefully played by Amy Adams. When these three characters head to Los Angeles for a nice week away Walter finds out that a oil tycoon (played by Chris Cooper) named Tex Richman. The three characters go to find Kermit to sort all of this out and sadly find out that the Muppets just have gone their different directions. Luckily for Kermit, Walter inspires him to bring the gang back and the joyfulness ensues. The movie plays like an extended Muppet show with lots of musical numbers, guest cameos, and hilarious puppets all over. This movie is nothing new for the Muppets but at the same time it in no way brings down this classic franchise if anything it revives it and will possibly spawn a lot more Muppets for the future. The script is fine and the acting does what it has to, as I said nothing special. The thing that works so well for this movie is just how enjoyable it is to just watch the movie and relive the nostalgia that should come up while revisiting the Muppets and possibly give the younger kids who may have never heard of them before a new found love for these characters. I feel that this was the intention of the picture and with that it easily makes its goal. This is one of the most fun you’ll have at the movies this year and even though you don’t have any flashy technology being thrown at you, you’ll enjoy yourself and then leave the theatre singing all the songs all over again.


2 thoughts on “Review: The Muppets

  1. I am impatiently counting down the days until the film is released in Australia (same thing with Hugo, but I'm trying to avoid as many reviews on that as possible, I want to see it fresh). I will just say that I casually went to IMDb today and saw that Breaking Dawn was topping both Hugo and the Muppets. I think I died a little inside….

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