Robert Downey Jr and Jude Law return as Sherlock and Watson in Guy Ritchie’s continuously entertaining re-imagining of the classic books. My review of Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows.

The second installment of the new age Sherlock Holmes returns and in a very action packed and intense fashion! RDJ and Jude Law take on the iconic roles of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson, returning to the charming chemistry that the two bring to the roles. Robert Downey Jr. always brings that cool charisma to his roles and his reprisal of Sherlock Holmes is no different. The energy and life that he breaths into this role truly makes the movie while Jude Law plays the perfect counter-punch to Downey’s loose cannon Holmes. In this movie, Holmes and Watson are searching for the infamous Professor Moriarty (played by Jared Harris) who is believed to be behind recent bombings around Europe that are pushing countries towards an industrial fueled war. Harris gives a compelling performance as one of literature’s favorite villains but he still left me wanting more. The role of a villain has really expanded of late and I look at examples such as Heath Ledger in The Dark Knight and Ralph Fiennes in Harry Potter as two villains who literally could carry a movie due to their strong presences which both created fear as well as admiration out of the audience. Moriarty was sinister and I was interested in him and this is not a knock on the job by Harris but it just wasn’t up to par with what this villain could of been. But that doesn’t take away from what was a very engaging story especially the back and forth between Harris and Downey as well as the action packed in between. This movie brought what I felt like sequels such as Iron Man 2 didn’t. They answered the cry for more action but left off the story. This sequel gave us a great if not better story than the first as well as gave more action than its predecessor. The supporting cast wasn’t lacking with the fantastic addition of Stephen Fry as Mycroft Holmes gave a nice lift from the characters around the main three. Another fine star was Noomi Rapace as Madam Simza Heron, the gypsy who comes along with Holmes and Watson. Rapace is an up and coming star in America who garnered fame for her lead in the Swedish Girl with the Dragon Tattoo films and should get more mainstream American movie roles with her appearance in this one. Director Guy Ritchie also came out with a bang in this newest film and added on to his stylistic fight scenes that really make these movies special. Some condemn the slow motion, stop motion, and fight explanations but I find them new and quite stylish take on Holmes’ mind during a fight and how the gears work inside of him. In conclusion, Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows adds on to the successful first film with a fantastic new installment that should garner enough to warrant a sequel. I hope they decide to make one as this series is becoming one of the most entertaining in Hollywood today.


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