Steven Spielberg and Peter Jackson team up to take us on a incredibly fun adventure as well as a somewhat nostalgic trip down Spielberg memory lane. Adventures of Tintin!

The popular European comic comes to life at the hands of story masters Spielberg and Jackson in this newest adventure, The Adventures of Tintin. It is not as well known in America as it is in Europe and I myself knew hardly anything about it before the movie but I was easily attracted by the names attached as well as the inventive animation involved. Jamie Bell plays the title character Tintin a journalist who loves uncovering a good mystery. Right off, the movie whisks you away into the story not giving any time for introduction which was fine with me personally. Tintin comes across a boat which also catches the eye of Sakharine (played by Daniel Craig) a wealthy man who seems interested in something more than just a model ship. Tintin realizes this and begins investigating into what the boat is and what it means. This leads him to become captured on a ship heading for one of the mystery’s clues. On the ship, he runs into Captain Haddock (played by Andy Serkis) who is a key in the meaning of the ship. I don’t want t spoil much because the mystery and adventure is what makes this movie so much fun. It isn’t a classic Spielberg film and honestly it has a lot of holes in it but that doesn’t take away from the fact that Tintin is a fun ride. It does struggle with the fact that none of the characters face real peril. They get stuck in trouble a lot and have jams they must get themselves out of but I never had the feeling that they might not make it or get away from it and that sense of real peril can take an adventure from good to great quickly. But having pointed out the flaw I still had fun with this movie. The cast was great especially the nice comedic relief of Nick Frost and Simon Pegg as Thomson and Thompson, the two police officers helping Tintin. But the real accomplishment of this film is the outstanding animation. It is one of those movies that sets itself apart from other animated films not by a better story or funnier lines but by innovating the craft that is animation and this film does that. It really does deserve credit for what it is and how realistic its characters are. The 3-D is not imperative but the movie does pop and become almost a part of you while you watch it with it. In conclusion, The Adventures of Tintin, is an enjoyable ride and a is a nice midday matinee. Spielberg and Jackson do what they do best and have possibly created a successful and fun new series.


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