Tom Cruise returns to do the impossible with Brad Bird at the helm in what is a overall underwhelming movie that does give you the punch you expected and a little more. My reviews of the new Mission Impossible, if you choose to accept it.

This movie was getting praise left and right for critics which peaked my interest and what I was left with was fun but not the story I was expecting from the other reviews. Tom Cruise returns as Ethan Hunt with the story revolving around a failed retrieval of nuclear missile codes from the Kremlin that leads to its destruction. Cruise and his team are marked with being in fault for the attack which leads to the IMF being disavowed. Cruise with Paula Patton, Simon Pegg, and Jeremy Renner give us a great action team and strong direction from Brad Bird just doesn’t make this movie what it was expected to be. Cruise does what is expected of him. He jumps over stuff, blows up stuff, and runs places and its very fun to watch but the major fault in this film is the villain. I honestly do not remember what this guy looked like and what the reason behind him stealing the nuclear codes were because he had to be one of the most forgettable villains in a very long time. I mean he honestly is on the screen like 3 times and we are expected to be utterly afraid of this guy and what he could do the world. Instead I was left wondering if he was even a threat and if we were better off just calling him of his bluff because he honestly didn’t look like he wanted to blow up the world. Now I can’t really knock the supporting cast because I did like Simon Pegg, he sometimes tried a little too hard but he meant well and I let it slide. I did have a problem though with Jeremy Renner who I have become fond of as an actor after The Hurt Locker and The Town but for some reason he just felt flat in this movie. I really don’t know if it was that he wasn’t really in the spotlight or that his character was just poorly written but he did not impress me at all in this smaller role and that leaves me a little worried about him being like this in The Avengers next year. He stole the show in his previous movies but sadly couldn’t do that here. Paula Patton was fine as the female team member, let’s be honest they had to have a girl and that was her job other than that she really didn’t bring anything to the team. The action was incredibly fun and the big fight scenes worked even if they were for a pointless cause. I don’t want to knock on director Brad Bird who did a great job but the story suffered and that’s not usually like him and it’s not impossible to balance great story with great action just look at the Sherlock Holmes series as an example but it struck out here. In conclusion, MI4 is a fine Mission Impossible addition and is a fun ride but it lacks what it needs to be a strong action movie which is disappointing coming from this team.


One thought on “Review: Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol

  1. MI4 proves that the sequels with exceptions have never lived upto the class of the original. This had no mystery just action and most of it of the type already seen by us. also the movie is full of discrepancies. In mumbai they are showing signboards in Kannada. Also the cars in the final sequence have number plates which are not used in India at all. The glass shown in burj al khalifa is shown as a normal glass whereas in reality at such heights glass used are very specialized glasses which will not break by someone just banging against it. Nothing great a average movie.

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