Ryan Gosling creates a new level of hardcore as a stunt driver trying to get away from some gangsters in 80s land LA. I don’t know how you haven’t left to go see this movie after that amazing summary but here’s the rest of my review:

Ryan Gosling had a giant 2011. He grabbed nominations at the Golden Globes for his work in The Ides of March and Crazy, Stupid, Love but was sadly left out in easily his best role of the year. Gosling stars as “Driver,” a stunt driver in the movies by day and a getaway car driver by night. He is quite reserved in his style of living and doesn’t seem like a guy who strays from the path in front of him. That all changes when a new neighbor moves in next to him. Her name is Irene (played by Carey Mulligan) and she lives with her son Benicio (Kaden Leos) while her husband is in prison. Driver and Irene spark a sort of cute chemistry which really starts with Driver helping them with their dead battery in her car. While he starts to fall for Irene, Driver also is dealing with a new partnership with Bernie Rose (played by Albert Brooks) who with the help of Driver’s partner Shannon (Bryan Cranston) is starting a racing team with Driver as his premium racer. The movie moves slowly through the beginning as we start to get a sense of who Driver is as a character as well as how each of the other character’s fit in the puzzle. The action starts once Irene’s husband, Standard (played by Oscar Isaac), comes home from prison. You can sense that he feels some hostility towards Driver do to the obvious chemistry he has with Irene but after he is found in the garage with a bloody face he knows that he may be one of the only people he can turn to. He tells Driver about the predicament he is in mainly dealing with the amount of money that he owes and asks for his assistance. This is where the movie truly picks up with mind-blowing action and some intense scenes between the two polarizing figures of the movie, Ryan Gosling and Albert Brooks. Both of those actors deserves a nomination during Oscar season for the work they did in this film. They both give unique and interesting characters that made the movie that much better. The second best part of the movie had to have been the pulsing soundtrack that comes with it. The electric 80s beat that pulses throughout each scene is mesmerizing and is probably one of the best movie soundtracks I’ve heard since Daft Punk in Tron: Legacy. The directing from Nicolas Winding Refn was outstanding and he deserves some praise as well. Scenes can be both intense and breathtaking and the colors of the movie gives it that surreal 80s feel that makes it something different out of this year’s films. This was one of the best movies I’ve seen this year and would of been on my top 10 list if I had seen it earlier. I highly recommend you check it out when it is released on DVD at the end of January.


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