21 Jump Street is a movie that uses the strengths of its two leads and great writing creates a enjoyable movie that has to be one of the more fulfilling comedies lately.

The great qualities of this movie stem from the great chemistry of the two leads (Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum), the strong writing and directing by Phil Lord and Chris Miller, and a strong supporting cast.

The story centers around two underachieving cops who are put into an undercover department. In this department they are given the job of going back to high school to find and take down a drug ring that is going through the school. The main characters are Schmidt (Hill) and Jenko (Tatum), the chemistry between the two is fantastic and their immediate back and forth creates a entertaining banter that works off both Hill’s sarcastic tone and Tatum’s jock persona.

After being in the school for a short time, Schmidt realizes that the cool kids of the school are the dealers of the drugs most notably Eric (played by Dave Franco).

As I stated before the writing and directing of this movie is most likely the strongest quality of this movie. Phil Lord and Chris Miller give a fun, unique outlook on both the action-comedy as well as the high school comedy. There is in particular a scene where the two leads are on the drugs that the kids are giving out and we are given a different angle to watching people trip on drugs on a screen. It also gives us one of the more hilarious scenes in the movie.

The supporting cast also makes the movie work. Rob Riggle, Brie Larson, and Ice Cube give hilarious performances. Riggle continues to become a fantastic character actor in comedies and this movie should move him along to maybe larger roles in the future. Larson shines in her largest role yet in a film role. Ice Cube is well, Ice Cube and he plays that part perfectly.

Finally, 21 Jump Street is a hilarious movie that is very much worth the money and is one of the stronger comedies that has come out recently. It has two very likeable leads with excellent chemistry, two directors who know exactly the tone that they want to go for and do so in a very different and creative way, and strong writing that is different for common comedies.


One thought on “Review: 21 Jump Street

  1. Rather than a re-hash of the original, though, this is a re-imagining by Hill, who … set it in the present with appropriate nods to the original and a whole lot of silliness. Nostalgia has rarely been better served and Tatum hasn't been better. Great jobs by everybody involved which sets the bar pretty high-up this year for comedies. Good review Zach. Check out my review when you can get the chance.

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