Writers Joss Whedon and Drew Goddard take the horror genre and flip it upside down in this utterly amazing “horror” movie that no only is extremely entertaining but is one of the best “horror” movies in a long time.

The Cabin in the Woods opens up as the horror movie you are expecting. A bunch of kids, naive and ready for coitus, heading off into the depths of the wilderness to take part in cliche horror activities such as jumping in the lake and acting slutty at night but this movie takes that and asks the question, “what if this was on purpose?”

The movie stars Chris Hemsworth, Kristen Connolly, Anna Hutchison, Fran Kratz, and Jesse Williams as the kids going camping. While its always nice to see Thor gracing the screen each of these actors plays their cliche very well. The jock (Hemsworth), the slut (Hutchison), the weirdo (Kratz), the smarty pants (Williams), and the girl who we are intended to care about but usually is blandly written and is not worth our time (Connolly). The actors really aren’t the best part of the movie though the true superstars of this movie is the clever storytelling and writing of Joss Whedon and Drew Goddard.

I’m trying not to spoil this movie because not knowing what happens makes it a thousand times more enjoyable but at the same time I want to beam about how amazing the storytelling is done by those two guys. Whedon, who is directing the much anticipated Avengers movie, and Goddard who helped write Cloverfield create a typical horror movie and you can tell respect and want to pay some homage to the great movies that made this type of story a cliche. They also spend some time paying homage to international horror movies by adding some small cameos of international horror movie symbols. The directing by Goddard also is great as he uses not only common shots of horror movies but also creates this vast unknown that surrounds the movie by not letting to much on throughout the setup of the climax.

I won’t lie I am not a fan of horror movies. The modern horror movie is bland and contrived and there is so much energy taken out of it that it is not only worth my time but really should not be worth anyone else’s time as well. So that probably is what is so great about this “horror” movie because it really isn’t a horror movie as much as a homage to previous great ones as well as a twist to what we are used to seeing and throwing something out of left field to make this just a fun time at the movies. I tip my cap to Mr. Whedon and Mr. Goddard for making this as it truly is one of the most entertaining movies so far this year.

In conclusion, even if you are not that much of a horror enthusiast, you should try this movie it really is a fun ride and will leave you laughing more than screaming. It is a well-written and fun ride that makes you enjoy the movies. While I can sometimes be perceived as just a snob, movies like this make me love to let back because I know the writers are smart in what they are doing and they give me a fun ride. I recommend making this your movie stop in the next few weeks.


4 thoughts on “Review: The Cabin in the Woods

  1. I'm a huge lover of all sorts of horror flims. From the schlocky to the truly terrifying, but this tops them all. It's not truly a horror story but just an incredibly well made film that defies the genre it's been pegged in. I ADORE Joss' and Drew's writing style. You can tell Joss has had a hand in the script just by the fantastic dialog! Massive fan of this film 😀

  2. It’s one of the funnest horror movies I’ve seen in the longest time, and definitely deserves to be seen by anybody out there who enjoys a nice horror flick even though it is surprisingly scary at times too. Good review Zach. Probably not going to hit the audience though like it should.

  3. Yeah that's my fear too. People are so accustom to the horror films that generally come out and may respond to this as stupid for trying to go a different way. I hope that doesn't happen because this movie was great and deserves a lot of praise.

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