The highly anticipated superhero mega-party comes to theatres with all the Marvel you can take! Robert Downey Jr, Chris Hemsworth, Mark Ruffalo, Chris Evans, Samuel L Jackson. Is that enough for you? AVENGERS!

I won’t lie and say that the geek in me was going nuts this entire movie. Once Iron Man and the rest of the gang was revealed you could of given me terrible dialogue and mindless action and I would of been sold for a second viewing. I have a feeling Joss Whedon knew that and in his mind he went “no we are going to make this movie more than that.”

The success I found in this movie was not really with the action. As I said before, they give me Iron Man and Thor fighting and I’m sold. But the reason this movie is different than most action movies and why it takes a giant leap forward for Marvel movies is the fact that the director, Joss Whedon, did a stand-out job with directing and writing. The writing’s greatest success is getting these personalities and egos and getting them to work together and by doing that letting each superhero be themselves and not have to worry about moving the story arc. I find this greatly apparent in the character Iron Man who while having probably the best stand alone movie before this one always was leaving me wanting more in the action department. Just watch this movie and you can’t tell me that watching Robert Downey Jr. fight in that suit isn’t both hilarious as well as action-packed. This movie gave me personally the most fulfilling Iron Man performance because he was given the freedom of just being his character and did not have to worry about having to carry the story by himself. I give the credit for that to Joss Whedon because he succeeded with other heroes in that regard as well.

While every hero was fun to watch the one I probably was not impressed with was Captain America (Chris Evans). While it’s not like I don’t like him as a hero I felt like his character in this particular movie was just shown to not have as fun of a personality as Iron Man or Thor and wasn’t as interesting as the Hulk which I guess is because of his character being written as “the soldier” of the group. On the other hand, I was wowed by the acting job of Tom Hiddleston as Loki, who was the film’s main antagonist. While watching I felt that the character was not as well rounded or written as some of the others but Hiddleston did a fantastic job making the character interesting and sinister through some great acting. I’m excited to see what work he does after the success of Thor and The Avengers.

The movie itself though gives you exactly what you want. It is non-stop action and in my mind jumps The Hunger Games as the year’s most entertaining movie so far this year. The third act is explosive and is one of the most satisfying superhero battles I’ve ever witnessed and honestly the build up to the final battle is fantastic because this movie is extremely funny. I highly recommend catching this movie because it gives you the rare combo of great action and fun and witty dialogue that is not seen in many action movies (i.e. the Battleship trailer) and is worth seeing it on the big screen.


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