Ok everyone I’m back and ready to write this summer! To start off my summer articles series I am doing the top 5 movies I would want to live in and why. I hope you enjoy it and make sure to come back the rest of the summer for more articles!

1) The city from Kiki’s Delivery Service

The first place has to be the city from one of my all-time favorite Hayao Miyazaki films and that is Kiki’s Delivery Service. The city really just has a romantic calling inside me and after my first viewing I instantly fell in love with it. Whether its the beautiful ocean surrounding it, the World War I era clothes, or the amazing architecture, the city grabs hold of me and makes me think “I want to live there!” the entire film. While all of Miyazaki’s movies have amazing landscapes and cities in them, the one from Kiki’s, as I said before, has a more romantic feel to it and just looks like a perfect location to grow up and live in. The shops, streets, and beach also add to the eye-catching features that the city has. Not to mention it has a very friendly witch in residence to deliver things for you!

2) Port Royal from Pirates of the Caribbean

My second choice is Port Royal which is the homeland of Will and Elizabeth in Pirates of the Caribbean. This town is so much fun to me mainly due to that British/American Revolution era setting used in the films. I love the fortress off the island coast with my favorite scene with it being the one in which Jack Sparrow goes to save Elizabeth after she falls. While all of that is happening it gives the audience a chance to see the nice ocean view that the fortress has. The town itself is nice as well with a lot of shops and houses scattered around the central location on the island. The port with all of the British navy ships is also a great spot because I myself enjoy a nice British navy ship from that time period. Especially the ones used in the movies seem to be a fun place to be fighting pirates as well as krakens!

3) The Ocean in Finding Nemo

 My third choice has to be in the ocean within the movie Finding Nemo. I really don’t have a preference either where in the ocean I would live. I’m good with Nemo and Marin’s home, the EAC, or the Sydney port. All those locations in the movie seem like a jolly good time with some great characters. The first location was where Marlin and Nemo live which has a more suburban ocean feel to it with lots of beautiful undersea creatures around it. The East Australian Current or the EAC (dude!) would also be a fun location because you would have the lovable turtles Crush and Squirt there with you as you cruise on the ocean roller coaster. While that would be fun I guess if I had to pick it would be the port in Sydney as my main living place. Not only do you have the gorgeous Sydney, Australia around you but you would also have those lovable guys from the dentist’s fish tank waiting there for you!

4) Mos Eisley from Star Wars

My fourth choice is the famous Mos Eisley space port from Star Wars. This city is probably my favorite out of all the cities that are features in the series due to the fact that even though the temperature and weather may be terrible at time I think I would be happy living here. I mean how fun would it be to be some rebel/thief running around there fighting off Empire thugs and real thugs as you rule the desert. That sounds great to me! Not to mention you have the famous Mos Eisley Cantina to go visit if you are thirsty and have the hankering for listening to the same song played at all times. It’s a perfect hideout location and would be my ideal spot to live within the Star Wars universe.

5) Hogwarts from Harry Potter

My final choice is an easy one, Hogwarts from Harry Potter. Ever since reading the books I’ve wanted to go to school and live there and who wouldn’t? While Harry Potter may go wrecking the place for everyone else that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy yourself while the boy who lives goes and fights evil! The architecture is stunning and the different locations around the school whether it’s the Forbidden Forest or Hogsmeade offers an adventure. The inside of the school itself gives off the spooky, mystical feeling of magic as well as sets the bar for what you see as magic school from now on. The Quidditch pitch and Hagrid’s house also are fun locations where lots of adventures will take place throughout your learning tenure there. Plus Harry, Ron, and Hermoine always have something to peak anyone’s interest!

That’s my list of places in movies I’d like to live! Feel free to comment other locations that you personally would love to live in and make sure to share this article!


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