New Spiderman, new love interest, new villain. Is this a recipe for success for the web-slinger? Or is this reboot more of a rehash of the hero? My review.

The reboot of Spiderman has brought up much debate whether it was needed or not. Spiderman 3 bombed and while the first two were very successful movies the studio found that it needed a change. So enter director Marc Webb and stars Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield.

Most of the criticism out there with this movie is attacking the completely same origin story from this original Spiderman being used in this movie and that is true but at the same time I say this. There’s really only one Spiderman origin story and not many different avenues to go by doing it so of course it will be the same! It wasn’t perfect but at the same time it was the same story but like promised in trailers leading up to the movie it gave us a glimpse into why Peter Parker (Andrew Garfield) was with his Aunt May and Uncle Ben (Sally Field, Martin Sheen) and not with his parents. While I was excited to see this movie dive into that part of Spiderman’s story it seemed to open that tale up and then close it once it figured out that Peter Parker was Spiderman. This is where I aim my blame for the flaws in this movie, not with the origin story itself, but with the screenwriter for not sticking with the back story that was introduced at the beginning. We were given a back story that was pretty interesting dealing with Peter’s dad and a science experiment and then left to fend of the Lizard.

While the story was rough, the director Marc Webb tried the best he could with what he had to give us an engaging story and fun time which he did succeed with. Andrew Garfield’s Spiderman hit the super smart nerd note very well and while different than Tobey MaGuire’s Spiderman he was a wise-ass and fun Spiderman that you expect. Webb also did a fantastic job with the scenes of Spiderman swinging across New York City. He also gave us a very engaging and adorable relationship between Gwen Stacy (Emma Stone) and Peter Parker that was probably the best part of the movie. The relationship was fun as Stone and Garfield had amazing chemistry together (probably because they are dating in reality) and you could tell they had fun playing off each other on screen with Garfield’s nerdy banter and the typical Emma Stone sarcasm that makes guys go crazy (but defintely not me!)

The villian, the Lizard (played by Rhys Ifans), is another flaw in this film. It was really a problem with the script as Ifans’ character was very one dimensional and had a very flawed and stupid evil plan in place. They never set up his character very well and his threat to everyone was not nearly as thrilling as I would of hoped coming into the movie. Other than him, Martin Sheen was a very good Unce Ben and Sally Field was a great Aunt May. Denis Leary was good and Irrfan Khan was a completely worthless character.

In conclusion, even though I’ve hated a lot of the movie I still enjoyed it. It’s the exactly fun ride you’d expect out of a Spiderman movie and I’m hoping they make more with this cast. Garfield and Stone are great together and with a great villain to face Spiderman it could be a movie to rival the great Spiderman 2. Make sure to see this before the greatest of The Dark Knight Rises comes!


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