Seth MacFarlane makes the large leap from television to film as he brings his crude humor to the big screen with the help of Mark Wahlberg, Mila Kunis, and a CGI bear. My review of Ted.

Seth MacFarlane has a very acquired brand of humor. Some love it, some hate it. It seems to be the same when it comes to his first feature film, Ted, which tells the story of a boy who wishes for his teddy bear to be real and miraculously gets his wish.

Mark Wahlberg plays John Bennett, the boy who wishes for the bear to come to life while MacFarlane voices the bear, Ted. John grows up with Ted and is currently living as a rental car salesman who is dating Mila Kunis (yeah I don’t think he was going for realism in this movie). The storyline used in this movie is a very unoriginal one as it is a story of two friends who are practically brothers are torn apart by someone (girlfriend, boyfriend, Buzz Lightyear, etc.) and have to find a way to reconcile their problems with that person in this case it is John and Ted acting like adults. While the story isn’t original, it works thanks to MacFarlane’s great comedic timing and that brand of humor that has made shows like Family Guy and American Dad hit television programs.

The star of this movie is easily MacFarlane as Ted who while being such a unlikeable person (or bear) is hilarious in the eyes of the audience. While not every joke payed off, the “wins” in my opinion were the little jokes not aimed to be in the trailer that really won me over. Those small inserts that MacFarlane would add in whether it was commenting on something someone said or referencing to a current event, those jokes worked a lot better than some of the more choreographed large jokes that were intended to be the heavy advertised ones.

Other than MacFarlane, Mark Wahlberg and Mila Kunis did a good enough job in their respectable roles. Kunis wasn’t anything special and Wahlberg was funny mainly due to his personality being put into this role and this movie. Joel McHale was a pretty forgettable and annoying character which clearly was the intention. The Sam Jones/Flash Gordon cameo was a good cameo and Giovanni Ribisi gave us a very weird and entertaining antagonist.

In conclusion, Ted is a respectable comedy and a strong first effort out of Seth MacFarlane as a director. I’m excited to see what the future holds for him in movies. This one was very funny and one of the better recent comedies as even though it wasn’t an original story it was funny enough and with enough original material to out-do most of the crap comedies out there today (I’m looking at you Adam Sandler). I recommend seeing it.


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